Pro-domme/switch, kink educator, and aquaphilic trans content creator based in Sydney, NSW.

About Lady Jane

Having begun in the field of self-portrait modelling shots in order to fall in love with her body again under the handle of the BubblePet, Lady Jane, now free of the worst of gender dysphoria, found a calling with self-showcase photography.

She entered the Sydney kink scene in 2018 after a year of exploration behind closed doors. Currently Lady Jane is a bedroom modeller with a special interest in aquaphilia and shibari during the day, as well as sadomasochistic play after dark. She attends local events semi-regularly and is developing a workshop for individuals, couple and polycules to assist in their discovery, comfort, and exploration of kink.

Please note that Lady Jane does not offer full service sex work.

Welcome to the home of Lady Jane and the BubblePet.

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