Pro-domme/switch, kink educator, and aquaphilic trans content creator based in Sydney, NSW.

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June 2021 Newsletter

Hey folks!

Seems that I still suck at my newsletter game, and that’s okay! Going to shift to a monthly schedule in the hopes that that helps with my attentiveness. If nothing else, means at least I have some deadlines to work to.

OnlyFans… Yup, I caved

For those of you who don’t already have an AVN Stars account, I’ve decided to dive into getting an OnlyFans as well. My plan is to mirror the content from one to the other… mostly, with the kinker content (the aquaphilia and anything else that OnlyFans doesn’t like) only going to my AVN Stars, thus why it’s at a higher price. You can subscribe to my OnlyFans for $5/month and my AVN for $8/month, so like, if you are like me and enjoy masturbating as much as you like coffee… well, have I got a great return on investment for you. Links as always are found at my links page.

Amazon Wishlist

One of my amazing fans has been an absolute gem and gifted me this amazing bodysuit! I don’t know who you are, but thank you, and hope you love this photo! There is a full set with this bodysuit available at AVN Stars, and a half-set available on OnlyFans!

New GoPro

I finally got a GoPro for content creation, and already have put a screen-test and the dorkiest unboxing ever on my AVN! It’s not me masturbating like I enjoy showing off, but hopefully it’s something fun for the fans who don’t mind a more casual kinda nudity. With this I’m hoping to make a bunch more content for you all, because let’s face it, there needs to be more photos of me in the world.

This will also be my webcam for gamestreaming on Plexstorm, which I hope to start doing semi-regularly. Need to lock in a time every week or so that works for me, but I’ll be starting with some casual Payday 2 and maybe some Halo MCC, while I work on developing a fanbase. I know I’ve had a request to play Resident Evil so that the big vampire lady can step on me so… I’m sure some of you will love that.

Subscribers to this newsletter (remember, its free!) will get to see a special photo regarding this game streaming. It’s probably one of the most fun photos I’ve taken for a while, and it will eventually go on a flier, but the subscribers get the version without the text covering the fun bits. ^.^

The Month Ahead

Aside from Threshold, which I try to go to every month (civvie job permitting because I gotta pay rent after all) this month is less exciting than others. I’ve received some amazing new BDSM gear made by a local supplier (Leather by Hadrian, who I highly recommend for my NSW fans!), that I will be showing off, as a part of a ‘cheerleading’ set that I’ve wanted to do for months! Cheering my friends on has always been something I love both in my SWer circles and among friends (because we all need encouragement from time to time) so… I wanted a really nice, fun, kinda kinky photoset to reflect that.

As always you can always reply to this email to reach me, or chat with me on OnlyFans or AVN.

Catch you all around next month!

~Lady Jane

Launch Announcement – AVN Stars

I have the flu this week so a shorter announcement this week (they’re not all going to be weekly announcements, promise!) but for now I’d like to let you all know that my new AVN Stars is now online!

For only $8 USD a month I’ll be uploading nudes not published anywhere else, some of them additional teasers for upcoming sets for sale, and some of them shots only available on AVN Stars.

Newletter subscribers here on my site will also continue to get exclusive shots that are early releases or otherwise not going public, so to get the most content from me, subscribe to both! 🙂

Coinciding with this launch I’ve updated my site with a new links archive that will make it easier to find all of my social presences online.

A cheeky shower shot from my holiday week, also found on my AVN Stars

That’s it from me, hope to see you all around!

Post-COVID Frenzy? TL;DR Glad to Be Back!

After a year with basically no BDSM (as many of us have had) I’m hitting the ground running hard! Here’s the update!

Recent Scening

In the last fortnight I’ve managed to get some scenes in, both domming and subbing as nice tasters for friends (as well as a way of getting back into the groove of what I’ve been missing). No photos of during the scenes because consent is sexy, but I have the one-day-later aftershots of the beautiful bruising that I received.

Newsletter subscribers will get two edited photos here as well. If you haven’t subscribed, join my newsletter and get access to extra content, and updates directly to your inbox! #ObligatorySelfEndorsement

Future Plans

At the moment I’m still (very slowly) working through processing my past content from before my transition. I appear to have maybe 10 short, mostly raw videos that I’ll be able to sell in a package when I begin selling, and I admit lately I’ve been considering starting a Clips4Sale or ManyVids as a temporary measure while waiting for a better platform to open up, though, given the nature of the content I produce I need to evaluate them closely regarding their terms of service as my content technically falls under asphyxiation play (even though all of my content is solo and bondage-free).

Aside from the online pornography space I will be at Threshold on the 9th of April prior to the visit of a romantic partner for the week. If you see me around say hi! I’m looking to develop more friendships in the space and, provided I’m not actively in mid-scene, would love to chat!

I’m also still working on developing my workshop structure for the workshops I’m hoping to offer for inexperienced kinksters and experienced kinksters looking for a new way of getting to know each other. Stay tuned for more on that, and if you’d like to discuss a private session, send me an email at to discuss what you’d like to do! I specialize in sensation play and do not rely on setting a power dynamic for play, but am flexibile in what I can offer. Feel free to drop a line!

That’s it for today’s newsletter, hope to talk to you all soon! Stay safe!

Lady Jane

Hello world!

This is the first post on the Lady Jane blog! Welcome to the more formalised information distribution method I’ll be using for sharing my kinky activities, media launches, and just generally updating my state of affairs. Take a browse, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Insta, and Pillowfort (if they ever fumigate the bugs out of their service) and keep an ear out for when I launch on Peep.Me and debut my workshops later this year!