Pro-domme/switch, kink educator, and aquaphilic trans content creator based in Sydney, NSW.

Lady Jane Bubbles
Booking terms and conditions 2021.

  1. All clients must be screened as a part of the booking process. This screening entails the following:
  • Scan of ID, plus an image of clients holding their ID and a piece of paper with my name and the current date on it for verification. This goes for all individuals present at the booking, including vouyers who are not partaking in the scene.
  1. To finalise bookings, all clients must be willing to pay a 25% deposit (50% if the booking is made within a week of the date).
  2. Lady Jane does not provide full service/penetrative sex work nor does she provide ‘natural’ services. Lady Jane may offer sexual services with protection at her discretion, but you understand when booking that a) Once she’s said no, she’s said no, b) attempts to encourage/force sexual services from her may result in you being blacklisted and/or forfeiting any moneys paid to her for a current booking.
  3. You understand that Lady Jane is an alias used to protect the identity and privacy of Lady Jane and you agree to her need for discretion just as much as she agrees to your right to discretion. This includes meeting her casually at kink events, where she may be with another client, or taking personal time to get her own needs met.
  4. You understand that Lady Jane does not consent to the following kinks being a part of her services:
  • Scat
  • Degradation/Humiliation
  • Public Exhibitionism (unconsenting lookers)
  • ‘Mummy’/’Daddy’ as a title.
  • Roleplayed incest
  • Gender-based play (sissification/masculinisation)
  • Breathplay
  • Play involving odour (showers are great!)
  • Kissing (specifically mouth-to-mouth)
  1. You agree not to record your session in any form. On request, Lady Jane may record, edit, and provide evidence of a session at a cost of $100 per hour of raw footage. You agree not to upload this footage for public consumpion and you agree to sign a 2257 model release form prior to shooting if you are in the video.
  2. In all sessions, be they training workshops or the provision of fetish services, you agree to maintain the safety of the scene wherever possible. The standard safe words Jane expects adherence to are Green to confirming continuance of the scene, Yellow (a single finger raised) to indicate the pause of a scene, and Red (an open hand) to indicate the stopping of a scene. You may request additional safewords be utilised during the session if you so wish.
  3. For online video sessions, the above terms are the same with a few changes. The full booking must be paid for prior to the provision of any video service. The video session will include a watermark for safety reasons which will not be removed. You agree that both the live session and any recordings taken of the session are not to be redistributed for public consumption. You consent to the recording of each session, kept for safety reasons. Each booking, regardless of length, is intended to include a short greeting prior to the session and a debrief after each session, however, Lady Jane has the right to cut these short at her discretion. Lady Jane will not provide refunds for missed video sessions, nor for technical difficulties outside of her control.


  • The standard service for fetish services provided to a single person is $100 an hour, with an hour being the minimum call accounting for roughly 10 minutes of discussion, a 30 minute scene, and 20 minutes of aftercare. Additional costs may be raised depending on the service being offered.
  • Performance for vouyers will cost an extra $50 per vouyer, per hour. This is non-negotiable.
  • Recording of a session costs an additional $100 an hour and is to be undertaken by Lady Jane. No recording devices are to be used during a session by clients.
  • Training sessions cost $50 per hour per person, with a discount of $50 a person on sessions totalling 4 hours. See my workshops page for more information.
  • Attendance at a local event costs $150 per hour of service PLUS paying for Jane’s ticket at the door. Accompaniment to a residence after an event will be charged at $200 an hour.
  • Video call services (BETA) are charged at $15 for every 5 minutes with no recording rights, and $20 for every 5 minutes with a recording supplied at the end. Additional costs may be raised depending on the service being offered.