Pro-domme/switch, kink educator, and aquaphilic trans content creator based in Sydney, NSW.

Kink Workshops (Now open for consultations!)

Lady Jane is currently developing a 4-hour introductory intimate kink workshop for individuals, couples, and polycules looking for a helping hand to begin their first foray into kink, induct a new individual into their dynamic, or otherwise brush up on basic communication and feedback skills.

The first hour consists of a guided discussion of limits, consent, safety, and sanitisation; facilitating discussion and exploration of what parties to a scene can and should expect, and identifying the desires and objectives of the upcoming scenes, as well as any soft or hard limits the participants have.

A basic three-knot lesson in shibari is optional, to assist in giving ideas on restraint. Lady Jane’s philosophy is for most scenes, three knots are all you need to get your feet wet, and to restrain limbs in a safe, quick, and fun way, though this is no replacement for proper training, practice, and guidance by a more-experienced rigger.

In the second hour Lady Jane introduces her training tools to those present, providing them the room to have an understanding of the sensation of the tools, and to notate their thoughts and build their tastes. She recommends that even dommes undergo this module of the training, as it’s important to have the knowledge of what the tools feel like before using the tools on others. Lady Jane will also talk through her process to show how she builds, sustains, and winds down from a scene.

In the third hour, Lady Jane takes the role of demonstration sub, to give feedback on technique and form from an experienced standpoint, as well as allowing the participants to get some practice with aim and intensity before moving onto the final hour of the session.

Finally, in sessions consisting of more than one individual, Lady Jane hands her tools over to the newly-inducted kinksters, providing for a first scene (or two) in a safe space, where she can act as spotter and guide to ease you into independence within your future scenes.

This workshop is only intended to be a starting point for development of dynamic, interests, safety, and pleasure, and kink is something that individuals never stop researching and learning from. However, this workshop is intended to be a ‘from nothing’ course in how to begin this journey, in solo or in partnership.

This workshop is completely modular, and can be tailored to your needs and wants. Join the newsletter to get information on when Lady Jane opens slots for these workshops, or contact her here or on Telegram!

A special introductory price of $150 for a solo practicioner for a four hour intensive session, or $150 per person for a 4 hour session in couples and groups is currently available, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested!