Pro-domme/switch, kink educator, and aquaphilic trans content creator based in Sydney, NSW.

Launch Announcement – AVN Stars

I have the flu this week so a shorter announcement this week (they’re not all going to be weekly announcements, promise!) but for now I’d like to let you all know that my new AVN Stars is now online!

For only $8 USD a month I’ll be uploading nudes not published anywhere else, some of them additional teasers for upcoming sets for sale, and some of them shots only available on AVN Stars.

Newletter subscribers here on my site will also continue to get exclusive shots that are early releases or otherwise not going public, so to get the most content from me, subscribe to both! 🙂

Coinciding with this launch I’ve updated my site with a new links archive that will make it easier to find all of my social presences online.

A cheeky shower shot from my holiday week, also found on my AVN Stars

That’s it from me, hope to see you all around!