Pro-domme/switch, kink educator, and aquaphilic trans content creator based in Sydney, NSW.

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Post-COVID Frenzy? TL;DR Glad to Be Back!

After a year with basically no BDSM (as many of us have had) I’m hitting the ground running hard! Here’s the update!

Recent Scening

In the last fortnight I’ve managed to get some scenes in, both domming and subbing as nice tasters for friends (as well as a way of getting back into the groove of what I’ve been missing). No photos of during the scenes because consent is sexy, but I have the one-day-later aftershots of the beautiful bruising that I received.

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Future Plans

At the moment I’m still (very slowly) working through processing my past content from before my transition. I appear to have maybe 10 short, mostly raw videos that I’ll be able to sell in a package when I begin selling, and I admit lately I’ve been considering starting a Clips4Sale or ManyVids as a temporary measure while waiting for a better platform to open up, though, given the nature of the content I produce I need to evaluate them closely regarding their terms of service as my content technically falls under asphyxiation play (even though all of my content is solo and bondage-free).

Aside from the online pornography space I will be at Threshold on the 9th of April prior to the visit of a romantic partner for the week. If you see me around say hi! I’m looking to develop more friendships in the space and, provided I’m not actively in mid-scene, would love to chat!

I’m also still working on developing my workshop structure for the workshops I’m hoping to offer for inexperienced kinksters and experienced kinksters looking for a new way of getting to know each other. Stay tuned for more on that, and if you’d like to discuss a private session, send me an email at to discuss what you’d like to do! I specialize in sensation play and do not rely on setting a power dynamic for play, but am flexibile in what I can offer. Feel free to drop a line!

That’s it for today’s newsletter, hope to talk to you all soon! Stay safe!

Lady Jane